In early 2020, we saw a need in the market to give individuals and small businesses a network referral platform allowing their customers/friends/family to easily share and refer their products within their social circles, and get paid for doing so. 



Suravi Patnaik Suravi is a digital entrepreneur with a proven professional track record of 6 years started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17. She is currently based in New Zealand and has a zeal for movies and travel. 

Swati Mehrotra Swati is a leading name in the footwear design industry of India and is the founder of Swatimodo. With her long standing entrepreneural and fashion profession spanning over 13 years, she has seen the ins and outs of retail and has been awarded by the President of India for her entrepreunial achievements and contribution to the society. 

Abinash Sahoo Abinash is a finance guru with over 6 years of corporate experience in Startup accounting and finance.