Social Referrals in the Distancing Culture

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Word-of-mouth referrals is an ancient marketing practice that has weathered all tests of time. Here is why you should start a social referral profile for your small business today while social distancing: 

  • the new-normal

As the entire world braces themselves at home, more and more people are looking at ways of alternate incomes from the digital world. Social distancing is a new experience for many individuals and businesses who are now starting to embrace technology more than ever to help overcome challenges. 

  • getting more social while distancing 

Regardless of the new distancing norm, social media usage and consumption is growing then ever, not just as a connecting tool but also to promote and network for new business opportunities. 

Expand your business to audiences within your extended network 

Sponsa is a FREE social referral platform allowing you to automate cash rewards for people or other businesses who endorse and promote your business to their own networks, making word of mouth advertising and referrals work powerfully for you. 

The stats show a whopping 82% of consumers seek recommendations from family & friends. Why not take advantage of this by giving people a platform to refer your business to their family, friends or business networks?

Get started with us here. 

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