How Neha Took-off Her Printing Business With Social Referrals

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In the smart city of Bhubaneswar, Neha is studying towards a BA degree. In her spare time, she runs an invitation card business as a freelancer, specialising in foil - a unique metallic print finish that adds value to items such as business cards, invitations for corporate packaging. 
With Sponsa, Neha creates a referral business voucher by offering Rs. 5000 worth of service for Rs. 4500. Then, she gets her friends and customers to endorse her business and earn by reselling her business referral voucher to others. In return, Neha got 50% more sales in one month, while her friends and customers earned cash from referrals.
Here is what she has to say about Sponsa: “Social referrals was a new concept to me. I had heard of product reselling but getting referred sounded exciting to me. Getting referral printing orders has never been easier. With Sponsa, I am able to create referral offers seamlessly and sell more with social referrals”

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