Red and Silver Coffee Pod Earrings
Red and Silver Coffee Pod Earrings

Add a dash of bright colour to your look with this unique collection of coffee pod earrings that are sure to be a conversation starter.

Product Details:
1 Pair of Earrings with FREE Shipping

Handcrafted by cutting, twisting, folding and wrapping single-use coffee capsules into beautiful shapes, these Bezels are light-weight and fun!

Dimensions    -  5.7cm by 3.7cm
Colour             -  Red and Silver
Material         -  Aluminium earrings. Earhooks are brass base with basic silver plating. Cadmium and nickel free.

This product is completely upcycled from used pods except for jumprings and ear hooks which are new.

Colour may vary slightly. Allow for 2-5mm size difference due to manual measurement.

$ 35 $ 40
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