Quest for Excellence
Quest for Excellence

The objective of the course is to develop an agile and adaptable mindset to help you achieve excellence in your personal & professional life.

Duration: 4 hours (2hrs x 2 days) 

Participants will be able to                                                                                                                          \
1. Define the importance of an agile attitude and mindset                                                                
2. Associate important behavioral traits of top influential people form various industries                                                                               3. Apply a customized IDP(Individual Development Plan ) to their current position                           
4. Measure their progress in Quest for Excellence Quarterly

Session Highlights:

Complete Handbook will be available post the session.                                                                 
Editable IDP Template                                                                                                                        
Diagnostic tool to measure progress                                                                                                  
Experiential based session                                                                                                                                                                             Certificate on course completion                                 

Sherin Mathew  is a Computer Engineer graduate turned certified Life Skills Trainer who chose to make her passion as her career. She is very passionate about helping an individual to rediscover & develop their true potential to reach various heights of success in their personal & professional life.  Her training, content, methodology, and approach in the training & consulting industry have been well received and appreciated as a passionate, unique, and innovative approach. Being part of the young millennial generation, she merges technology with the L&D industry to create a virtually enriching experience for her participants.  She likes to empower people through training & interactions at Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences. Mingling with people with diverse backgrounds & performing roles that involve Facilitating, Training, Monitoring, Guiding and Mentoring inspires her.  She has trained more than 1200 + participants from both the academic and corporate sector. She has 3000+ hours of training experience and counting. She has also played various roles as a consultant that has enabled entrepreneurs and MSME to grow exponentially.

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