Beej Ball Box
Beej Ball Box

These ready to plant Beej Balls are a mix of clay, compost and seeds from plants native to the Indian climate. Scattering Beej Balls around is better than native seeds that are eaten up by insects, birds, and rodents  or washed away by the rain. But these beej are protected inside the ball which means when it rains, they mix inside absorbs the water and helps the seedlings to germinate and grow. 

Nearly 1 million trees have been cut in the last one year. Use of paper products has quadrupled due to the recent plastic ban. More than 10 million trees are expected to be cut for our metro lines, residential towers and upcoming corporate parks. We at Treebox have decided to wake up and step up. In association with the Forest Department we’ve taken up the mammoth task of REFORESTATION. 

We take the pledge to plant 1 crore and more plants. But we can’t do it alone.

Join us so that every school, corporate office and every family will plant at least 10 plants.

Rs 150
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